21-111, Applications of the derivative, Ch2

I am still doing Calculus 1, 21-111 from Carnegie Mellon UC. Today I was going through Chapter 2. Everything seemed to be clear and obvious.

  • Describing Graphs of Functions
  • The First- and Second-Derivative Rules
  • The First- and Second-Derivative Tests and Curve Sketching
  • Curve Sketching (Conclusion)
  • Optimization Problems
  • Further Optimization Problems
  • Applications of Derivatives to Business and Economics

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21-111, The derivative, Ch1

Yesterday I have managed to complete my next chapter of Brief Calculus & Its Applications.

The following topics were covered by Chapter 1:

  • The Slope of a Straight Line
  • The Slope of a Curve at a Point
  • The Derivative and Limits
  • Limits and the Derivative
  • Differentiability and Continuity
  • Some Rules for Differentiation
  • More About Derivatives
  • The Derivative as a Rate of Change

So far so good but I guess my pace is to high right now. I will spend some time going through the book once again just in case I missed anything.

~450 pages left to finish. I might slow down a little bit but hope to be done with the book by the end of next week.

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21-111, Review of algebra, Ch0

Today I had a chance to go through the first (0) chapter from the textbook (Brief Calculus & Its Applications 13th edition by Larry J. Goldstein).

It consisted purely from a school math and precisely

  • Functions and Their Graphs
  • Some Important Functions
  • The Algebra of Functions
  • Zeros of Functions—The Quadratic Formula and Factoring
  • Exponents and Power Functions
  • Functions and Graphs in Applications

I am using most of the material on my daily basis, but it was anyways great to refresh the memory.

The book itself is amazing with great examples and solutions throughout each chapter. I had pleasure scrolling the pages 🙂

The most interesting part so far has been Compound Interest and formula which you can find below.

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