21-111, Applications of the derivative, Ch2

I am still doing Calculus 1, 21-111 from Carnegie Mellon UC. Today I was going through Chapter 2. Everything seemed to be clear and obvious.

  • Describing Graphs of Functions
  • The First- and Second-Derivative Rules
  • The First- and Second-Derivative Tests and Curve Sketching
  • Curve Sketching (Conclusion)
  • Optimization Problems
  • Further Optimization Problems
  • Applications of Derivatives to Business and Economics

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21-111, The derivative, Ch1

Yesterday I have managed to complete my next chapter of Brief Calculus & Its Applications.

The following topics were covered by Chapter 1:

  • The Slope of a Straight Line
  • The Slope of a Curve at a Point
  • The Derivative and Limits
  • Limits and the Derivative
  • Differentiability and Continuity
  • Some Rules for Differentiation
  • More About Derivatives
  • The Derivative as a Rate of Change

So far so good but I guess my pace is to high right now. I will spend some time going through the book once again just in case I missed anything.

~450 pages left to finish. I might slow down a little bit but hope to be done with the book by the end of next week.

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